“Dang Good Pies!”


Northern Idaho’s #1 Premium Italian Pizza

Authentic Recipes
Our fresh cheeses and toppings are all apportioned according to traditional recipes, striking a careful balance of authentic flavor. 

Premium Ingredients
We use a hand-made sourdough crust & fresh mozzarella, Ricotta, Pecorino Romano & other cheeses. Naples style crusts tend to be softer, and you may need the support of a fork when picking up a slice.

Wood Fired
Our pizzas are finished in a traditional wood fired oven with temperatures up to 800 degrees. This can leave a nice light char on the edge which adds another layer of flavor & texture. 

Historic Legacy
Naples, Italy is the birthplace of pizza. Wooster Street in New Haven, Connecticut’s “Little Italy” is the US hub of Naples style pizza. That’s our heritage.

Woosters Street in Connecticut’s “Little Italy,” the US hub of Naples Style Italian Pizza

Woosters Pizzeria
214 S. Main Street, Moscow, Idaho 83843
(208) 596-4717